Caring for wood furniture will mean addressing some of the risks and issues that wood can commonly encounter. While this can sound like it will be difficult or inconvenient to do, wood furniture can be easy to maintain despite these unique issues. 

Appreciate The Protections Wax Can Offer Wood Furniture

Applying a wax coating can be one of the most basic steps that you can take for protecting the wood furniture against damage. The wax will help to prevent moisture from getting to the wood while also absorbing many of the scuffs and scratches that may occur. When applying a wax coating to your wood furniture, make sure that you follow the instructions precisely. Otherwise, you could apply too much wax, which could make the wood appear excessively shiny.

Keep Dust Off The Furniture

Dust is another common source of damage for wood furniture. When large amounts of dust collect of these items, it can leave scuff marks behind on the wood. It can also compromise the natural color of the wood by absorbing the oils that keep the wood bright and healthy looking. Regularly dusting the wood will eliminate this risk, but you should be careful to only use a microfiber cloth duster to minimize the risk of the wood getting scratched during this cleaning.

Manage The Humidity

Being exposed to excessive humidity for long periods of time can be one of the most damaging types of wear that wood furniture can experience. Unfortunately, homeowners may not consider this hazard when they are deciding where to place their furniture. Ideally, high-quality wood furniture should not be placed in bathrooms, laundry rooms or other areas where the humidity can become very high. The wood can absorb condensation that forms on its surface. This can lead to the wood becoming discolored due to mold growth or rotted.

Tighten Loose Legs And Backs

It is common for legs and backing to loosen over the years. This is typically the result of the screws that hold the legs or back in place loosening, which could lead to these components becoming wobbly. When your wood furniture experiences this problem, it can be very damaging to it. The wobbly leg or back can put intense pressure on the wood furniture in a way that it was not designed to withstand. As a result, loose legs and backs can lead to cracking or splitting. If you find that you are needing to tighten these screws on a regular basis, you may need to use a wood plug to adjust the size of the screw hole so that the screws stay in place more easily.