If you have a piece of pine wood furniture that has lost its luster and looks old you should consider re-staining it yourself. Pine wood can often be effectively cleaned and re-stained to look as good as new. You do not need to call in a professional, you can make it a do-it-yourself project. This type of project is usually easy and rewarding to do. Here are some simple steps you can use to refurbish your pine wood furniture and get it looking brand new again.

  1. If there are any drawers on the piece of furniture, remove them. If possible unscrew the legs of the piece of furniture. This will make it easier to varnish the legs if you want to. If there are any areas of the furniture that you do not want to be re-stained then you can mask off these areas with painters tape.

  2. Scrub the furniture with a steel wool that has been dipped in some stripper in order to remove the old staining.

  3. Wipe off the furniture with some mineral spirits in order to remove the stripper and any residue from the old stain. You should then allow the furniture to dry. Drying time is usually 24 hours.

  4. Start sanding the furniture lightly with grit sandpaper in order to remove all elements of the previous staining that is still left.

  5. Once the sanding has been done, you can go ahead and apply sanding sealer to the surface. Apply the sanding sealer evenly with a paintbrush. Applying sanding sealer will help to prevent uneven staining when you apply stainer to the furniture.

  6. Lightly sand the furniture again to remove excess sanding sealer.

  7. Brush on the stain that you will be using. Make sure that you apply the stain evenly. Once you have covered the appropriate areas of the furniture with the stain then you should leave it on for about fifteen minutes. You can then wipe off any excess stainer with a clean rag. Leave the piece of furniture to dry for at least five hours or however long the instructions on the stainer tells you to. You can then apply another coat of stain to the furniture and allow it to cure for at least 24 hours.

These seven simple steps should get your pine furnishing looking brand new again. Re-staining pine furnishing yourself is a fun, simple and economical way of preserving any piece of pine furnishing. You can look for other furnishings like Curved Leather Sofas at XL Furniture or other stores to complement your newly refinished piece.