When you are working on your living room décor, one thing to consider is how to arrange your furniture. Whether you are simply looking for a new way to arrange the furniture, or you have moved into a brand new home, these tips will be very helpful.

Keep Sitting Furniture Away From the Walls

People who are new to arranging furniture in the living room often make this mistake. Try to keep your sofa, loveseat, and chairs from being pushed directly against the wall. This can cause the living room to look smaller. If you have a small room already, place a narrow sofa table behind the sofa and against the wall. This gives you a little extra display space behind the sofa, but doesn't cause you to put the sofa directly against the wall. For a larger room, try to place the sitting furniture near the center, leaving the wall for accent furniture.

Arrange Furniture Around the Focal Point

If you are having a hard time finding the right place to start, choose your focal point. The furniture is going to be placed around your focal point. This can be anything you prefer, from a large window, to the fireplace mantel or even the entertainment center. It doesn't matter what it is, this is just a starting off point. The focal point will be the place in the living room that draws people in the most. You then arrange the furniture around this area of the room.

Have Conversation Areas

If you have a large living room, make sure you arrange your furniture so that it becomes a social area where people can converse with each other. You don't want sofas and accent chairs to be so far apart that it is impossible to have an intimate conversation. They don't need to be inches away from each other, but arranged in a way that necks aren't hurting and voices aren't shouting just to talk to the other person in the room.

Balance Each Area

Lastly, make sure the décor and furniture is arranged so that there is balance in the room. You don't want all the biggest furniture on one side and dainty décor on the other side. Take your biggest pieces and try to balance them out throughout the room. Then add the smallest pieces of furniture or décor last. You want clean, simple lines and good balance throughout the entire living room.

For inspiration, check out furniture stores such as Buona Furniture, which often have display areas arranged like a living room might be.