If you are looking for wood furniture that offers a classic style and sturdy construction, Amish furniture is a great option. Option furniture is made by people that follow the Amish lifestyle. They live with others that follow the traditionalist Christian fellowship beliefs, typically in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana in the United States. The furniture they create is handcrafted using carefully-picked wood and methods that have been passed down from previous generations. Here are some things to know about Amish furniture.

The Lumber is Hand-Picked

Amish furniture manufacturing begins with the lumber that is hand-picked. Amish woodworkers won't just use any lumber for their furniture. They make sure the lumber used is of the highest quality. They won't use lumber that has imperfections, but instead save that lumber for other purposes. In order for furniture to be labeled as Amish-made, the lumber would need to be high-grade with quality cuts. Low-grade lumber creates furniture that has problems like cracking, which is not what Amish woodworkers want to work with.

Amish Furniture is Sometimes Stained

There are some cases where Amish furniture is stained. This is not done to cover up imperfections, since they started with the highest quality lumber possible. But some furniture pieces look best when they have a dark finish, so the woodworker will stain the wood as the last step. Other furniture pieces will be left with their original finish, as it is attractive on its own. They also do finishing to provide more of a variety in furniture options. Some people might want a desk that is a darker color than their natural wood dining table and chairs.

Only Certain Tools Are Used

While it is true that Amish don't create wood furniture using the traditional power tools you might find in your own garage, they do use tools that go beyond old-fashioned woodworking tools. When Amish furniture is made, they often use power tools that are powered by gas; these are called hydraulic power tools. It allows them to create beautiful, well-crafted and sturdy furniture that is made without using electricity.

Amish Furniture Comes in Different Styles

When you begin shopping for authentic Amish furniture, you will find that there are multiple styles to choose from. A popular style at places like Oak Unlimited Furniture (1995) Inc is the mission style, though this isn't all you will find. The mission style will include straight lines and be a little more modern. There is also the shaker style, which is more of an elegant and simple design. In addition, you might find the Queen Anne style of Amish furniture, which provides more intricate details and ornate carvings in the wood.